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About Us

Garden Vines is a not-for-profit collaborative between Reigning in Life Training Center (a faith-based, not-for-profit organization in the Village of Hempstead) and Cynthia Proscia, Registered Dietitian and Clinical Professor at Adelphi University. Our mission is to cultivate and maintain healthy communities by creating or expanding food-bearing gardens that will bridge cultural, socioeconomic and generational gaps. These gardens will provide environments that facilitate authentic learning experiences for multi-generational community members to become lifelong learners.

As growth begins with seeds, our five-year plan for expansion of the Garden Vines collaborative began with Schools Engaging the Entire Development of Students (S.E.E.D.S.). We have partnered with three elementary schools in the Village of Hempstead to use the Island Harvest Giving Gardens model to create gardens on their school grounds, where the fruits and vegetables from these gardens benefit the children involved and their families. Future goals extend beyond elementary schools to also involve and impact other segments of the Town of Hempstead.